Hi hi, yeah so if you didn't know....Gilly here. So awkward...anyways I get blamed on for everything. But it's true I always do everything. I am also the 6th member of one direction...it's just kind of secretive. I'm sorry if i cause any trouble that's just me...so sorry. I reblog anything I like here and also i'm kinda like a stalker sarah except gilly style with the boys or any celebrity.
okay, thanks for your time.

people are sorry
jannyphantom sent: gilllyyyy where are you? lately youve been MIA

hahahahah im back

have no fear super gilly is here
Anonymous sent: Ok I know you don't agree with Eleanor having 1 million followers and you're entitled to your own opinion but why did you have to direct your tweet right to Eleanor? Like tag her or whatever? She can't control how many people follow her..

sorry not sorry~~

Anonymous sent: So your not dead. I was worried.

oh thank goodness you were worried. i thought peopel just didnt care for me that much. im alive. 

clayur sent: I love you omg please jsut aslkjgsdklhjlak you're perfecT OKAY


konwahrani sent: waah gilly and one direction in the same place. possibly the definition of perfection maybe

you are the definition of perfect. 

swimmmingwithchickens sent: Can you be my lab partner?

the question is, can you be MY lab partner?

Anonymous sent: can you read this Lilo fanfic? lilo-shipperr(.)tumblr(.)com

maybe someday. x

whale i havent been on here in forever

how is everyoneee of you 

uh huh yeah thanks